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My Tike story


An add on for Winding Road, but can easily be read by its self.
Rating: PG for theme
Summary: A new Addition is welcomed for Isaac and Taylor.

Beautiful was the only word Isaac Hanson could describe the sight in front of him, Taylor holding their new son. A surprise for them after a few days in Monicera an alternate realm they lived in from time to time, and unintentional especially 2 days before the new tour. “Ike I don’t want to postpone the tour, but I don’t want to lose the baby.” Taylor had said just over a week ago as they sat in the large house in Tulsa that housed their large family.

“I think I know something we can do, its very risky and doesn’t always work.” Kate said as she looked at Natalie who nodded.
“Do you still have Joseph’s necklace from when you renewed your vows?” Natalie asked as Taylor nodded as she continued.
“OK wearing it here could keep your pregnancy going, but be aware that you have a very high risk of miscarriage and premature birth outside of Monicera.” Taylor again nodded as Isaac’s hand rested on top of his a smile slipping across his face.

Isaac smiled as he lightly kissed Taylor’s forehead resting on his shoulder. His newborn son curled against his chest sleeping away, Taylor looked up at him, his sleepy blue eyes locked with Isaac’s. “Sleep sweetheart.” Isaac whispered adding “They’ll be here in the morning.” He was speaking of their families, shortly after Taylor gave birth on the bus Isaac snapped a picture of their son sending it to Nikki, Natalie, Kate and their mother Diana. Phone calls started minutes later wanting to know his name.

Taylor’s pregnancy had been well hidden not even detectable to the naked eye or even up close with a few slight alterations to his clothes of course. Things had to be explained to a few of the crew the only ones who knew the truth were themselves and anyone who road on the bus with them. Becca had even tried to devise a birth plan but with no access to anything for pain Taylor decided just to ride it all out.

It was a few hours before the evenings show when his pains started, very dull in his lower back but he mostly over looked them until they started to get stronger right before the show started. Taylor did his best to shake them off as he carried on for the night. Not 15 minutes after walking off stage a pain struck so sharp, Taylor’s knees buckled and he collapsed on the bus. Isaac ran ahead as he saw Taylor go down as Zac tried to help him, Isaac quickly ducked his head back outside letting the fans who witnessed the fall know Taylor was ok. Zac helped him up on the couch as Isaac stepped back in hurrying to him.

“Baby what’s wrong, what happen Taylor?” He asked as he petted him, a whimper escaped his lips as he grasped his stomach.
“Sweetheart is the baby coming?” He asked softly as Taylor nodded another sharp pain spiking up his spine.

“We need to go start getting the back set up.” Zac said to Becca as the two got up heading to the small area on the back of the bus where Isaac and Taylor usually spent most of their alone time.

Isaac help Taylor to his feet as they headed to the bunks, Taylor cried out mid way as his knees buckled, Isaac locked his arms to keep him from falling.

“It’s gonna be over soon sweetheart, just come on ok let me get you to the back, and before you know it the baby be here and it will be all over.” Isaac said softly rubbing his back.

“There so sharp, why are they so sharp?” Taylor said as his brothers helped him up and to the bunk area. “It means you’ve been in labor long before this afternoon when your back started bothering you.” Zac said as he looked at Isaac asking “When was his last contraction?” Isaac groaned as he said “I forgot to time it.”

With Isaac and Taylor in the bunks Zac scurried back to the backroom to help finish setting up the make shift delivery room, He reached in to one of the spare bunks pulling out towels and blankets and hurried back to Becca.

“Come on, its gonna be ok.” Isaac said as helped Taylor to the back in nothing but a T-shirt and a towel wrapped around his waist. Becca and Zac help him down on the four large folded towels as Becca moved letting Zac take over to help with the delivery. “How far apart are they Ike?” he said as Becca lay a towel on his shoulder. “Two minutes.” Taylor yelped as he said. “My water broke.” Isaac slipped his arm around Taylor’s shoulders to help support him a little as Zac looked up at him “Taylor you’ve not been pushing have you?” he asked as Taylor shook his head Zac looked up.

“Yeah well, the baby is almost out, by about 3 centimeters. Ok, push on the next contraction Tay big push ok?” Taylor nodded complying to the request only seconds later squeezing Isaac’s hand as Becca wiped away sweat that had already been running down his face along with a few tears.

“Good Job Tay, stop unless your still having the contraction, if you are then push again just like you did.” Zac said wiping away a little fluid leaking out. Taylor whines as he gives another push, the baby’s head coming into view. “Great Job Tay your almost there” Zac says listening to Taylor trying to relax he watches him tense as he pushes again bringing the baby’s head into his hands, He carefully flexes the head upward like he had watched in a birthing video Kate had to watch when she was pregnant with Sheppard.

“Last one Tay come on.” Zac said Taylor whines as he ducked his head against Isaac’s neck as he begged “No, Oh god please.” Isaac turned his eyes to meet his as he said “Its Ok Taylor, just think about that baby about to be in your arms.” Taylor tightly gripped Isaac’s hand as another contraction hit.

“Push Taylor, come on baby Push.” Isaac said petting him a slight screech escaped his lips as a pain filled scream escaped next. Zac grabbed the towel from his shoulder taking the baby by its neck, the shoulders were loose and he carefully pulled as cries filled the small room, Taylor open his eyes as tears stung them. A boy, Zac lay him against his chest as Isaac dried him off wrapping him up in his towel, Becca handed Zac a few bobby pins to use as clamps for the cord as Isaac smiled kissing the new mother. “I love you.” He said softly as Zac teased. “Ike Come on he just had a baby don’t make another on the spot.” Becca and Zac laughed as Isaac looked at him holding up the back his hand and saying “You know what this is little brother?” He curled in all fingers but his middle one as he added “A Flock of These!” Becca tried to resist collapsing in the floor from laughing so hard as Taylor groaned “We’re surrounded by crazies!” he said to the baby boy who had calm down and just seem to stare up at him, he had Isaac’s eyes and button nose, Taylor’s fat cheeks and lips.

Isaac smiled kissing Taylor’s temple as he said “What do you want to name him?” Taylor’s blue eyes sparkled as his mind went to someone precious they had lost before he got pregnant with twin girls who were now 15.

“Joseph, Joseph Walker Hanson.” Taylor whispered as he kissed the little boys hand, as Zac handed Isaac a pair of sheers. Isaac smiled as he found a piece of the cord close to baby Joseph’s body that was clamped and began to snip as he started to fuss. “Hey, its ok Joey.” Taylor said as he petted him. Isaac smiled as he settled back next to Taylor after getting his phone from his bunk. Taylor lay a gentle kiss on Joey’s head as Isaac snapped the picture, sending it out his wife, mom, half brother Jeremy, and sisters in law.

“We’ll need to stop at a hospital and get his shots and birth certificate.” Taylor said resting his head on Isaac’s shoulder, Isaac nodded his head as he picked up Joey holding him for the first time. “Hey Joey, I’m your daddy.” Isaac said as Joey gave a light grunt as he open his eyes. Isaac gently kissed his cheek as he turn to Taylor and said “I’m so proud of you.” He softly kiss Taylor as Zac stepped out returning with a diaper, blanket, and Taylor a pair of Pj’s, as Becca carried a small dish tub of water.

With Becca’s help Isaac carefully help Taylor stand, Becca picked up the slightly bloody towels tying them up in plastic bag to later be burned. Isaac help him slide on his boxers and pants, he decided to leave on his shirt. Isaac help him sit back down on the floor as he pulled the small dish tub over, splashing a little on the carpet. Zac smiled as he handed Isaac the newborn. Isaac lay him on the floor as he unwrapped the towel. “The water is perfect Zac.” Taylor said as he dipped his hand it just to be safe, knowing well enough Zac wouldn’t do anything like that on purpose.

Isaac supported Joey’s head as Taylor poured handfuls of water over him as he just looked up at the two. Isaac caught Taylor by surprise with a kiss as he giggled.

They had just settled into their hotel room, Taylor had fallen to sleep when Isaac picked up Joey heading to the hospital in Monicera, Zac agreed to stay behind in case Taylor woke up. He was only gone 15 minutes when he returned with Joey slightly fussy and his birth certificate and baby bracelet.

With the two back, Zac retreated to his hotel room as Isaac made a bottle for Joey. Taylor began to stir as he smiled. “Hey mama, how you feeling?” Isaac said softly as he sat next to the bed Taylor sat up carefully hissing at the sore muscles in his stomach from just over an hour before.

“Baby you got it or do you need help?” Isaac said concered as he sat Joey’s bottle down on the night stand placing his pillow behind Taylor as he said “I got it”

Joey began to fuss as he Isaac gave him back his bottle, Balancing the bottle with his chin, Isaac grabbed some decoration pillows they had set aside when he and Zac were helping Taylor get in bed, He sat one of the large ones behind Taylor as he place another behind himself. Isaac sat back as he took the bottle back in his hand, watching his hungry son suck it down greedily. Taylor scooted closer as he rested his head on Isaac’s shoulder he let out a yawn as Isaac smiled saying “Go back to sleep, I’ve got everything taken care of.”

Taylor nodded as he smirked whispering “How were we blessed with something so beautiful?” he reached over softly petting the newborn who had just finished his bottle and was starting to go to sleep. “I’m looking at something beautiful that helped create it.” Isaac said Taylor just smirked as he said “Funny so am I.” Isacc chuckled as he lean in for a kiss. Baby Joey started to fuss as the two parted, Taylor looked down at his little boy as he said “Sweetheart whats wrong?” Isaac gave his son to Taylor as he lay the little boy against his chest lightly kissing the top of his head. As the proud parents sat there resting in the comfortable silence that surrounded them, Taylor look down realizing his son was fast asleep. He was exhausted even though he had gotten some sleep he felt like he could sleep for weeks. He looked up at Isaac as his sweet husband whispered “Sleep sweetheart, they’ll be here in the morning.” Taylor nodded as he smiled letting his eyes close finally drifting off.

Once he was sure Taylor was asleep, Isaac carefully scooped up his son, carrying him to the portable crib Zac had set up while he was gone. “Goodnight sweetheart.” he whispers as he carefully lay his son down. Petting him only for a minute as he pulled a little blanket up to his tiny chest. Isaac changed into his pjs as he streched out next to Taylor who never seemed so angelic in his life, Isaac knew he might not get much sleep but he would rather get up to get Joey than Taylor do it.

Isaac rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he looked at the clock just after nine. He sat up in the bed surprised to find Taylor sitting with Joey giving him a bottle. “Honey what are doing up? Let me take care of him, you need to rest.” He said climbing out of bed, Taylor only chuckled as he said “I had just got out of the shower when I heard him, I wanted you to sleep.” Isaac only smiled back as he wrapped his arms around Taylor’s neck kissing his temple as and asked “How do you feel?” Taylor groaned as he asked “Do you want the honest answer or the safe answer?” Isaac looked at him as he chuckled “The safe answer?” Taylor giggled “Same as the honest answer; Sore as hell.” Isaac laughed as he kissed his neck. “I love you so much.”He whispered. Taylor smiled as he lean his head back against Isaac’s shoulder, receiving a kiss on the cheek.

Isaac met him for a kiss he said “I’m getting in the shower, and please get back in the bed?” Taylor chuckled as he said “Help me before you go?” Isaac nodded as he took Joey laying him on the large king size bed, he began to fuss as he took Taylor by the hand being careful not to harm his still exhausted body. He listen to him hiss as he stood up holding his stomach, the two took small steps as he helped him to the bed. Once in and the comforter draped over him, Isaac smiled kissing his son’s head as he lay him back in Taylor’s arms, Taylor calm him down as Isaac stole another kiss running off for a shower.

Taylor smiled as he heard a knock on the door, Isaac running to answer it as the family stepped in, Isaac’s wife Nikki and their sons Everette and Monroe, Taylor’s wife Natalie with their four kids Ezra, Penny, River and Viggo, Zac’s wife Kate and their son Sheppard. Zac followed in with his mother Diana and father Walker, his sisters Jessica, Avery, and Zoe, and younger brother Mackenzie or Mac as they mostly called him. The last few in were their half brother Jeremy and Isaac and Taylor’s kids, Dylan and Connor followed by the twin girls Frankie and TJ.

Natalie was the first over to see Joey as she kissed Taylor saying “He’s beautiful, I’m so proud of you.” she giggled as she reached over petting Joey who slept soundly amidst all the ruckus of voices. Diana reached in carefully picking up her new grandson as Walker and Jeremy sat on the bed talking to Taylor. “Mom would have loved his name.” Jeremy said as Walker smiled. “Joseph was on my mind after he was born so I thought it would be a good name.” Taylor said as he yawned Walker only laughed saying “Go back to sleep if you need to we’d all understand.” Taylor chuckled as he nodded, letting his eyes close a sleep before he even realized.

Isaac smiled as he picked up his phone holding it up, recording the little boy who was almost 6 months old. “Joey,Joey!” he said as Taylor got his attention pointing to the camera as the little boy turn to his father. Natalie quickly snapped the picture as Joey smiled, laughed, and turned away. Everyone busted out laughing as Isaac saved the video, the band was on a break from recording and touring for the holidays as they would start it all over again after the new year. Nikki smiled as Joey reached out to her as she took him, Isaac slipped up behind Taylor wrapping his arms around his waist.

“Are you two planning anymore kids?” Kate asked.
“I think I’m good, I have technically nine kids, Ike’s tied with mom and dad.” Taylor giggled as Isaac said “Well we’ll see about that.”
“uh huh yeah just like we’ll see about you having the next ones, I’m out of commission for a while.” Issac smirked “No your not, not after a few hours ago.” he laughed as he said “You might as well tell them, they’ve seen the cross by now I’m sure.” Taylor rolled his eyes as he said “Horn Dog”

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Chapter 30: Every Word I Say *Final*

12 years, 8 months, 30 Chapters, 104 pages, countless writers block issues, and many many late nights. I’m sitting here looking at my word processor and realizing I have finally finished something that has in all technicality taken me 12 years to do. My first Idea started in the summer of 98 when listening to ‘Surely as the Sun’ my own crazed imagination took over with the idea of Taylor confessing to Isaac he thought he was pregnant. I chase the idea for a while but could never actually find away to write it out, so I kind of let it be put on the back burner. As I kept hearing things about the band they seemed to want to stock pile in my brain as they years went on, I still couldn’t write it.  It didn’t want to bug me to the point of no return, which is by what a friend told me once is the basis of a good story. an idea that never leaves.

Last summer my PC tower went down, and I had to order a new one, I was with out internet and it sucked. Curious, I pulled out my old laptop that the CD-rom drive had been out on since march of 08. Though I knew I couldn’t use it I didn’t care, then I got another surprise, I couldn’t use the internet either for 2 reasons,  One we had changed out wireless, two my internet security had run out. I had decided to take a personal Hanson day on a day while waiting for my new tower, I had put on Middle Of Nowhere, and had started to clean off some of the old programs on the laptop. 

When ‘Weird’ came on my old story came back into my head. This time with the stockpiled ideas from before, it was just so strong, I kept playing with it in my head. Each time I would play ‘Weird’ those same scenes kept coming back.. I finally gave in, With my old laptop I worked away. between July to October… I couldn’t come up with anything.. my brain just stalled on me, as hard as I tried to get it to work, it just wouldn’t come. But here it is March and I’m finally finished, its a bit bittersweet I don’t want to end it but I do.  So here is your final chapters my little loves.

With a soft chuckle Taylor picked up Isaac’s camera from the table as he snapped a picture of his daughters in model like poses, the two were facing each other, one each an arched knee with the other leg on the step below. “Frankie, TJ he called out. The two turn, he was quick enough before TJ could protest and turn away.

Mom?!” TJ whined as he set the camera back down on the table rolling his eyes at the 13-year-old

TJ? What did we talk about the other night?” Isaac said in a gentle warning tone as she sighed repeating the key point of the whole conversation “ I need to get over being camera shy, I could make a career out of it.” Isaac smiled as he patted his lap pulling his daughter on to it, the young teen looked just like him at the age of 13 only with longer hair. Her sister looked every bit like Taylor, and just as crazy as her father. Isaac kissed her temple, as she rested her head on his shoulder, as a familiar car pulled up.

NIKKI!” Frankie shouted as she started to run, TJ’s head shot up and got up running as Nikki climbed out of the car, Frankie threw her arms around her as she smiled with a laugh “Hey baby girl!” as TJ helped Monroe from his car seat, and Frankie went around help Everette. “Hey TJ!” she said hugging her as she was surprised by a pair of hands slipping around her waist. Isaac giggled kissing her as she turn to him as he asked “How was Florida?”

“Great, mom and dad missed you! They loved the photographs of the girls” Nikki smiled as she popped the trunk grabbing the luggage as He and Taylor each a piece. Nikki smiled as she hugged Taylor as they headed inside Natalie and Kate sitting at the bar talking, giving her a warm welcome as they each gave her a hug. TJ let Monroe down, as did Frankie with Everette.

“Ladies did you practice today?” Taylor asked them as he spied the piano.

“I did!” Frankie said as her hand shot up as Natalie asked “Hey where are Dylan and Connor?”

“Movies, went to see the remake of Apollo 13” Isaac said.

With the boys returning an hour later, and supper starting Isaac had noticed Taylor slipped out side. He found him at the steps Frankie and TJ had been siting on earlier, he slipped up behind him startling him slightly as his arms slipped around his waist. Isaac couldn’t help but laugh as he kissed his head, they sat like that in silence for several minutes, Taylor gave a happy sigh as he said “New album, coming out soon, tour coming up, we have a few weeks till then”

“Oh? You have something in mind before all this happens?” Isaac asked kissing the top of his head.

“What about another baby?” Taylor asked, Isaac looked at him for a moment asking.

“Are you serious?” Taylor nibbled at his lip as he nodded. Isaac smiled as he softly kissed his neck and whispered.

“Absolutely, with out a single doubt yes” he said. Taylor smiled as he relaxed back against Isaac, the two again sat in silence for several minutes as Isaac whispered

I want you for always
I hear your name in every word I say
I’m a fool and I don’t care
I hear your name in every word I say

Taylor only smiled as he said “You’ll always have me.”


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The Winding Road Sountrack

As promised I would post the soundtrack that had been my aid through out this story that had technically taken 12 years to write.
Its been a crazy, long and Winding Road for this story, I’ll give you the small history of it in a day or two with the final Chapter: Every Word I Say

1: Hanson – Weird
Back last June, when ever I would play this song the first chapter played out in my head over and over, it got to where it was about to drive me crazy so I gave in and got to where I am Now.

2: Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
Starting out on this story I wanted to try and stay as accurate to locations, music, personal history, as I could, Though the song Iris wasn’t released in June when the band was on the Albertane Tour, It was released just before the relationship began. I also considered ‘I’ll Be’ from Edwin McCain  and in a earlier edition it was writen in to Ch 2 also entitled Iris. But I backed it out to stick with just that song, ‘I’ll Be’ was used later on in the story and you’ll also find it on the playlist later.

3: Otis Redding – That’s How Strong My Love Is
Recalling how much the guys loved oldies, and Classic R&B, I wanted that to mimick in the story so I pulled this one out for the fact I have a feeling they would have actually chose this song. In earlier editions of the soundtrack I had the Rolling Stones version. I recommend this one.

4: Hanson/Lyle Lovette – North Dakota or If You Love Me Say I Do
I promise I’m not trying to make you guys crazy! When Isaac’s cover of Lyle Lovette’s classic ‘North Dakota’ leaked online many fans changed the title to ‘If You Love Me Say I Do’  Yes these song are the same, listen to them sometime. Reason why it was used? It just seemed to fit.

5: Hanson – Surely as the Sun
The song that started it all, I  remember that summer, and can almost pinpoint the moment for you. June 98 mid maybe late afternoon lying on my bed just letting my mind run. The intro piece whenever I would listen to the song was when Taylor would tell Ike he thought he was pregnant, That whole scene was in that intro every time.

6: Hanson – Never Let Go
The reason for adding this song was when I would listen it just brought a lot inspiration to the scene I wanted to paint it had to be put on this list. What was even funnier was the fact I didn’t actually intented on it completely meshing with the past chapter and the actual past as well. Its believed the song was written in 98 which works with the story cause what was Isaac’s promise after the two married in the story… ‘I’ll never let go physical or not, I’ll never let go’

7: Hanson – If Only
With this song making a bit of splash in summer 2000 I thought it was perfect of the meeting of Natalie and Taylor.

8: Owl City – Fireflies
I love this song, it reminds everyone when they were kids chasing fireflies. When I was writing the part about the tape like ‘Never Let Go’ there was so much inspiration brought with this song it had to be used.

9: Hanson – Breaktown
We all need our own form of Breaktown, When Hanson wrote this song you could almost hear it that they were looking for their own Breaktown when they were faced with all the chaos with IDJ.  That’s what made this song work for when they did escape to Monicera as their own Breaktown.

10: Seether – Never Leave
Recommened by reader Christine it symbolized the date and fight that cause little Lucy to be born so early

11: Nickelback – Far Way
When your watching some one you love cling to life the only thing you beg them to do is keep breathing

12: Evanesence – My Immortal
Losing someone is so hard, you feel so empty, and lost.

13: Savage Garden – Hold Me
For that fight you don’t want to be in. For a soul hiding  a dark pain.

14: Phantom Plant – California
Band introduced in the story along with the song thought it was rather fitting

15: K’s Choice – I’m Not An Addict
Getting high and drunk…not recomened… also not recommended to be high when you confess you cheated on your husband/ wife

16: Jason Aldean – The Truth
How else would you tell a kid  why you walked out?  When the truth might not be the best game plan

17: Sixx AM – Courtesy Call
Right when you think you’re ready to die, God makes a Courtesy Call to show you what you’ve been doing wrong and to tell you ‘Wake Up’

18: Crossfade – Cold
He never meant to be such an ass… He just wanted his nightmares to go away.

19: Hanson – Lost Without Each Other
They need to find each other, they did and they got back to the way things should have been

20: Hanson – Dream Girl
She’s always going to be daddy’s Dream Girl, she just can’t be with him.

21: Edwin McCain- I’ll Be
I wanted to use this song before but held back, never figured out why until I got to the renewing of the vows… it was just perfect for this part. In the story ‘Iris’ was used again as Isaac dedication song to Taylor.

22: Matt Nathanson – Come On Get Higher
The way the song painted the scene of a great make out session… it had to go in!

23: Kill Hannah – Love You to Death
Inspired Taylor’s nightmare about Isaac. Recommendation from Christine

24: Paramore – Decode
Right when you think you have things figured out…they change

25: Hanson- Every Word I Say
Love is precious, Cling to it with every word, every kiss, and all your heart.


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Chapter 29: Angels *Very Long*

A precious moment captured in time, a picture, like the one he held in his hands. Nikki and his beautiful sons, He and Taylor had gone home after the failed attempt at another baby, and ironically right on time as Natalie a short time later popped and the family welcomed little Viggo. Isaac smiled as he watched the seven month old fuss as he tried to crawl, he was wondering what she was doing. Isaac and Nikki had tried to get back together but she would refuse him to go to the studio and write music, she mainly wanted him nowhere near Taylor.

Isaac wouldn’t have it, no way or how, not after they had come this far, not after his promise. They started fighting, then it just got worse he had left her a few days before. It was harsh for him to say he didn’t care but really, he didn’t he had what he needed, Natalie would often take the kids out and give them a few hours alone. Or convince them to sneek off to Monicera for a couple of days, which was what they had been planning on doing as soon as Taylor had come home. It was just a short tour before the recording of the new album, just Taylor and some close friends, and there own awesome album to go with it. Isaac jumped when heard Taylor’s car pulling up in the drive way and headed out the door as Natalie laughed.

It had felt like months since Isaac had seen him and he pulled open the door and met him for a kiss, Taylor giggled as he pulled away only to be pulled back in. Isaac smiled as there eyes locked when they pulled away for a second time, his thumb stroking his cheek as he gave Taylor a small peck and helped him from the car and helped him with his bag. Isaac soaked up watching Taylor play with his kids, part of it hurt Isaac for the fact he missed his boys, he wanted to see them but he couldn’t go around Nikki. Taylor caught the sad look on his face, it hurt him to see it as he got up from the floor. And said “Hey Ez will you play with River?” the six-year-old nodded as he sat down in front of him.

Baby whats wrong?” Taylor asked as he sat down next to Isaac who snapped out of his dazed stare.

Nothing, I just miss the boys.” He said as he reached out to Viggo in his walker reaching up for Isaac as Taylor reached over rubbing his back. “I know Ike, I would like to help but I don’t really want to interfere so you two can work things out on your own” He said as Isaac sat back against couch, slipping his arms around Taylor as he said. “Thanks Tay” he lightly kissed his cheek as his hand wandered down resting at the low of his stomach, Taylor chuckled as Isaac whispered “There will be a baby in there before you know it.”

He reached out to softly pet baby Viggo as he had just drifted off to sleep, they were getting ready to leave and he was making his rounds. He lightly kissed the infants head, Isaac smiled at him as they headed to the door, Natalie smiled as she waited on them giving them both hugs and giving Taylor a kiss, she said “Call me tomorrow or if anything happens” Taylor nodded in agreement as she gave him one last hug before they disappeared through the door.

Taylor giggled at they lay together in the bed both still bare from last nights fun and games. “Think you could handle another round?” Isaac teased, Taylor smiled as he pull Isaac in for kiss as he whispered “I’m always ready” Isaac laughed as jumped when he felt Taylor’s hand beneath the sheet. “Oh God Tay!”he said as the young man smiled, he looked down towards his waist, Isaac groaned as he felt his release hit full tilt. Isaac chuckled as he met Taylor for series of kisses as he turned him on his back, he attacked his neck littering it with kisses as he carefully slipped between the slender, delicate thighs. Isaac knew Taylor trusted him, but he always waited for that beautiful smile that said it. Isaac watched as Taylor gripped tight to the sheet beneath him as he moved, the two panting as the pace increased, he became more furious as he felt his release drawing close. He tried to hold out as he listen to his name being cried out as he became a little more rough, he couldn’t take it as he finally let go, collapsing against him. Isaac softly kissed him as he lightly caressed Taylor’s stomach.

For the past several days Taylor hadn’t felt right, but he knew what it was, He felt a gentle hand on his back as he stood in their bedroom as he said “I think I’m pregnant” Isaac smiled turning him to face him. “You’re sure? Have you visited the doctor yet?” Taylor grinned as he said “I go this afternoon, but I know it, I just know it Ike” Isaac chuckled as he pulled him in for a kiss. The afternoon was seeming to drag by as he waited on Taylor for the news. Isaac sighed a he flipped the TV off and got up to set his glass in the kitchen when he heard the door open, and a familiar voice calling out “Ike?”

In the here baby!” he called back and heard him hurrying through the house as Taylor smiled as he found him

I was right, I’m pregnant” He said as Isaac hollered “Oh My God!” he picked Taylor up at his waist and pulled him into kiss as their eyes locked. “We need to make a few phone calls.” Taylor said as Isaac nodded sitting him down, with the way she had been acting he asked “Do you want to call Nikki or not?” Isaac sighed as he said “I should, but I doubt she’ll wanna talk to me” Taylor lightly petted him as he said “She’s going to have to accept this one day Ike, a good way to start would be to tell her.” Isaac nodded as he met Taylor for another kiss,as his hand rested on his stomach.

Isaac sighed as he sat in his truck so far Natalie, Kate, and Diana had taken the news as expected. He was nervous as he climbed out and walked to the door, even though his name was on the house he still knocked as Nikki open the door. Everette ran to his father crying “Daddy” he welcomed him as he picked him up.

What are you doing here Isaac?” She asked as he stepped inside with his son in his arms.

I just came to see you and the boys, I missed you.” He said as he sat Everette down and picked up Monroe who only smiled at him.

I also came to tell you that Taylor is pregnant.” He said as Nikki rolled her eyes at him as she said “That’s not possible Isaac guys can’t have kids or I would have made sure you had Monroe.” He sighed, he had a feeling this might not go well as he said

Here its not possible, but where I’m originally from yes it is for Taylor specificity” He watched as she rolled her eyes again as she asked “Where?”

Its a realm separate from this one”

Are you on some kind psycho acid trip?!”

Never mind Nikki, I knew this was a bad idea. I just wanted to share this with you about Tay and you don’t even bother to listen to me.” he said as Monroe began to fuss, Isaac tried to calm him down.

What is there to listen to, when your talking crazy!”She argued taking Monroe from him as she added “Get out Isaac” Isaac sighed as he left.

She what?” Taylor said as he sat in the living room with him back in Monicera, with Kate, Natalie, Zac and all the kids playing with 16 and 14 year old Dylan and Connor.

I told her you were pregnant, she said it wasn’t possible, told her it wasn’t in the home realm tried to explain about here and she kicked me out.” Isaac deadpanned as he hung his head as he added “I want her to be involved but if its going to be like this then why waste time?”

It’s important to you, I don’t know how to really explain it better to her than how you have, but Ike we’ll find away.” Kate said as he nodded, as Taylor moved beside him his hand rubbing his back as he said.

Its going to be OK, we just won’t worry about her.” Natalie grinned as she said “ That’s right Isaac, you guys have something more precious to worry about.” Isaac smiled as he slipped his arm around Taylor’s shoulders, his free hand resting on his stomach. “I know it still kinda bothers me though.” he said, as Taylor rolled his eyes picking up one of the pillows and hitting him on the head.

Ow! You know just be cause your hormones are going every other direction doesn’t mean you can be abusive!” Isaac said rubbing the spot Taylor hit as everyone burst out laughing. “I haven’t heard that in forever”

Is that why you did it?” He asked looking at Taylor with a Cheshire cat grin he nodded. Isaac just smiled as he pulled him in for a kiss, Natalie smiled as she said to Kate “Have you seen the pictures of him when he was pregnant with Dylan and Connor? Oh My God he was so little it would make you jealous”

I wasn’t that little!” Taylor retorted as Natalie rolled her eyes “Oh yes you were, at full term you looked six months!” Kate laughed as Natalie got up.

Please tell me she doesn’t know where that box of photos are” Taylor said as Isaac gave him a Cheshire cat grin as he head dropped his head in his hands.

A happy sigh was all he could give, to not wake him up, he look down at the small belly showing a little more each day.. Isaac reached over his thumb gently caressing his cheek, he delicately kissed him but he didn’t even stir. It was beautiful watching his chest softly rise and fall, the way Taylor had explained it so many years ago after he got sick. He watched the beautiful blue eyes as they flutter open, still silent he kissed him again.

Hey” He smiled, Isaac only smiled back at him as they kissed yet again when Taylor suddenly giggled and said “I think some one else wants some attention too.” Isaac chuckled as his hand rested against Taylor’s stomach thru his shirt. He gave light gasp as the baby kicked, Taylor groaned as turn on his back and said “Not so hard honey.” Isaac lifted his shirt just enough to expose the small swell as he rested his ear against it. Taylor only smiled as his fingers ran through his hair as Isaac said “Calm down Frankie”

Frankie? That’s a guys name Ike” Taylor laughed as Isaac kissed his stomach a pulled the shirt back down. He met Taylor for a kiss as he said “Not the name I have in mind, that would be the perfect nick name” Taylor cocked an eye brow as he said “Oh? And what name would that be?”

Diana Frances Hanson” Isaac said as Taylor only smiled back as he said “After mom, that’s beautiful, she’ll love it…I do too”

What do you say we do something with the boys today?” Isaac asked as Taylor looked at him curious as as he added. “Just get out of the house, maybe take them to the beach, downtown and do some shopping, just something.” Taylor smiled and nodded as he met him for a kiss and said “I’ll get the boys”

Taylor got up out of bed as he walked to there room, thinking they were asleep he open the door and gasped catching the two in a lip lock. Connor realized this mother standing there pulled away frozen in fear. Dylan catching his look turned and looked at the door as he said “Mom we can explain!” Taylor cut him off as he said “No,no,no,no,no! Guys its OK.” Isaac came up behind him asking “Whats going on?”

Oh nothing, Mom was right about them being a couple one day.” Taylor said as he smiled. Isaac slip past him walking to Connor who had just started to cry. “Ike, let Dylan do it.” He smiled Isaac took his notice and pulled Dylan with him. “We’ll talk later OK, you guys just chill a few, calm Connor down, and believe us its OK” Isaac said with a chuckle.

Taylor finished drying off, they had settled on a day at the beach, it was still cold out so they couldn’t go swimming. Isaac smiled as he watched him pull on the old white sweater that would flip between the two a couple of years ago, he had always wanted to see Taylor wear it when he was pregnant. It looked just as gorgeous as Isaac would imagined, gently curving a round his stomach, he loved it as he slipped up behind him, his hands slipping down cradling his belly as Taylor giggled.

You look absolutely beautiful.” Isaac sighed kissing his neck as Taylor turn with a smile and kissed him. The two stood there with their eyes locked, Isaac’s thumb gently caressing Taylor’s cheek as he met him for another kiss. His cheeks turn a soft shade of red as Isaac’s arms slipped around him, he rested his head against Isaac’s chest as he gave a sigh. Dylan and Connor had stood at the door watching as they smiled when Connor whispered “I hope were like that.” Taylor and Isaac turn as they laughed along with Dylan and Connor who walked into the living room hand in hand. “I love you.” Isaac said still staring into his eyes, as he held Taylor close. As he pulled away his hand drifted down to Taylor’s stomach he gave him another kiss as they left.

A light breeze was blowing down along the shore of Morcan beach, as they walked along Dylan chasing Connor with a hand full of sand. Isaac and Taylor only laughed at the two as Connor tagged Dylan splashing him with water. Sitting back on the rock they had when Taylor was pregnant with Connor, Taylor said “Its insane what can happen in 10 years.” Isaac nodded as he pulled Taylor close kissing his temple “It still surprised me after all I had done you still wanted me back.” He added as Isaac looked at him surprised “I can’t believe you’d say that, Tay, I love you,I always have and always will.” Isaac said as he looked at Taylor taken by surprised at the tears in eyes. “I know, but I just…” Taylor started as he cut him off “I don’t care about the issues we had.” His hand rested on Taylor’s belly, as he said “I care about this, us, and the boys. That’s whats most important to me, I care about Everette and Monroe too, but I can’t get to see them cause of the way Nikki is.”

I know it kind of reminds me of when I screwed up so bad.” Taylor said as he wiped away a tear.

Has Nikki said something?” Isaac asked insulted, what had that bitch done or said was about to get her 6 pairs of old Doc Martins up her ass. He carefully petted Taylor as his tears fell he said truthfully “No, nothing at all just some bad memories I wish I could wipe away” Isaac sighed as Dylan and Connor slowly approached both soaking wet from falling in the ocean. “Mom? Are you OK?” Connor asked as he sat down next to him. “Yeah baby I’m just not feeling well, I feel a little sick is all.” Taylor said it was partially true, he had been feeling nauseated.

So guys how was your swim?” Isaac asked as he started to laugh at the two as Dylan shivered.

Oh you’re such a baby Dylan!” Connor said as Dylan shoved him as he said “Oh Shut up!” Taylor and Isaac both laughed “Come on I think there’s some towels in the back of the car.” Isaac said as he got down then helped Taylor. He gently kissed him as he softly asked, their eyes locked “Are you OK now?” Taylor bit his lip looking down a moment then nodding with a smile as Isaac picked him up carrying him.

They hadn’t been home very long when Isaac came into the living room where Taylor was sitting in the living room when. “Come on were going out.” Taylor looked at him oddly as he asked “What for?” Isaac just chuckled as he reached out rubbing his belly “One, so we can have sometime together and because I want to get somethings for the baby.” He said as helping Taylor from the couch. “Behave boys!” Isaac called out slipping his arm around Taylor’s shoulders as Isaac picked his keys up of his desk.

Yeah that’s sweet, get it.” Isaac said at the little bodysuit with matching pants the bodysuit a light purple with ‘Here Comes Trouble’ in a darker purple like the pants. Taylor draped it over his arm with several others he had picked up. “You never bought clothes for Lucy did you?” Isaac said treading lightly. Taylor shook his head picking up a little dress he had looked at once when he was pregnant with Lucy, he still loved it a pale blue in color with little frills around the edges and lace on long the upper chest area. Taylor sighed as he said “Natalie and I were suppose to go shopping the next day but after what happen.”

He swallowed hard has his emotions got the best of him. “Baby its OK” Isaac said rubbing his back as Taylor said “I know, its just my friggen hormones” he gave a chuckle as he smiled taking Isaac’s hand resting it on the left side of his stomach “Feel it?” he only smiled as he nodded feeling his daughter moving. “I think I have everything if you’re ready.” he said, Isaac took his hand as they walked to the front to check out, Taylor stood on the other side as he picked up the bag as Isaac paid, as he waited for his change he reached back lightly scratching Taylor’s stomach, with a smile he step back rubbing his belly as he kissed Taylor’s forehead. With everything taken care of they headed home.

Taylor smiled as sat in the living room of the new two story house, Isaac had surprised him a few weeks ago, he had started on it with their dad, Zac, Dylan, Connor, Joseph and Jeremy, back when he was pregnant with Penny. Taylor had fallen in love with it, each room had been decorated and furnished except a few small things they pulled from the old house. Downstairs was the kitchen, living room, Dinning room, and small office. Upstairs were three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One bed room had been decorated for the boys when the other was fixed for the new baby. “Oh that is so cute!” Natalie said as she and Kate went through some of the new baby clothes Isaac and Taylor had picked up a recently. “I love that dress.” Natalie said as she picked it back up. Taylor only giggled as he tried to get comfortable as he said “Settle down honey” Kate reached over smiling at the movement beneath her had as she said “You’re so active.” Taylor giggled as he rose from the couch as a sharp pain his his stomach as he hissed. The pain only getting sharper as snap hit his stomach followed be a contraction. “Taylor!?” Natalie jumped as she reached out catching him as Kate jumped up. “Isaac!” she yelled as the older man hurried through coming into the living room.

What happen sweetheart?” Isaac asked as Taylor gripped tight to his shirt.

Baby, the baby’s coming.” he whimpered as another contraction started worried, Isaac said “He’s not due for a month Why is she coming now?” He asked as Natalie and Kate helped him from the floor walking to their bed room.

Its not unusual to go after the 35th week.” Natalie said as she helped him on the bed as Kate had ran to get Zac, Walker, and Diana. “It hurts” He whimpered as he clung to Isaac’s hand “ Know sweetheart its OK”he said trying to soothe his pain lover as another contraction spiked. “They shouldn’t be doing this not this sharp” Taylor cried as he was eased on the bed, unaware he had been changed out of his clothing , as his parents and Zac hurried in with Kate, Dylan and Connor.

Take it easy sweetheart, get ready to push” Natalie said she rubbed his leg, he took Isaac’s hand when another spike hit as he pushed with it, his pain seem to triple as he squeeze tight to Isaac’s hand as he heard Natalie “Beautiful, Taylor stop unless you’re still having the contraction then just go again.” he stopped as he begged for it to be over only whining when he could still feel it as he gave another push.

Great job honey, I can see her, she’s almost here” Natalie said as Kate handed her a towel when Jeremy hurried in setting now his dads bag of tools he had when both Dylan and Connor were born.

OK baby stop, her heads out.” Natalie called out as Taylor quit trying to catch his breath as he rested his head on Isaac’s shoulder as he kissed his head. “OK sweetheart come on last one.” Natalie said as he whimpered. “Come on Tay you’ve done so great this whole time, its OK” Isaac said petting him his body exhausted, Taylor’s body protested as sighed giving another push as the bedroom filled with his new daughters cries Isaac couldn’t help letting a few tears fall. Taylor whimpered when he felt another contraction starting.

I thought the contractions would stop after she came out!” he said gripping tight to Isaac’s hand

What!?” Natalie said as Jeremy reached over lightly pressing against his stomach.

Oh My God, he’s having twins” Walker said suddenly Jeremy looked up “Yeah, and its moving pretty fast.” he said as he hurried clamping and cutting the cord, as Natalie told Taylor to push.

Great Job baby! Final one sweetheart I promise!” Natalie said cleaning out the nose and mouth of the surprise twin as they listen to the sister crying “Its OK sweetie” Taylor said exhausted as he felt another contraction He gave another push as the room filled with another cry.

Its a girl!” Natalie said resting her and her sister against Taylor’s chest. Taylor shushed them as the two started to calm down. “Oh my god, Isaac their beautiful” he whispered as they kissed Isaac whispered “I’m so proud of you” He kissed Taylor’s temple as he lightly kissed his two girls heads. “What should we name you two?” Taylor said as he let a few tears free. “We already picked out a name for one, which mom was your name.” Isaac said as Diana looked at the two of them smiling she said “Oh boys.”

But what about the little surprise one here?” Taylor asked looking at the little girl as her eyes open to a deep brown to where her sisters were blue. “What about after Grandma Jane? Taylor Jane Hanson”

Isaac said smiling “We can call them Frankie and TJ for short” Taylor giggled as Isaac nodded kissed him again. Kate smiled as she bent down picking up Frankie as Natalie picked up TJ to finish cleaning them off. “They’re getting their first baths Isaac you want to give them?” Isaac smiled and nodded as he kissed Taylor again as Diana helped him up to take a shower as she changed his sheets.

Oh Frankie its OK!” he said as she cried at the warm water splashing against her body, With TJ cleaned off and bathed Kate held her wrapped up in a towel when Taylor who had just finished showering came in to the master bathroom. He watched Isaac as he had done with Dylan when he was born. He smiled taking TJ who began to fuss slightly as Isaac finished up with Frankie. The two carried them to the nursery, Taylor dressing TJ in her diaper and sleeper he had picked up, he cradled her against him as he sat down in the rocking chair as Isaac dressed Frankie. He lay his little girl in her mothers arms with her sister. He kissed Taylor’s temple as he said “I need to go tell Nikki and try to bring her here.” though slightly uneasy Taylor nodded as he noticed the two little girls sound asleep as he picked up TJ taking her and placing her in the crib Taylor following with Frankie as Isaac carefully took her placing her beside her sister.

Baby why don’t you go lay down? I know your exhausted” Isaac said as Taylor rested his head against his shoulder. He nodded as Isaac reached down carefully petting both babies as he walked Taylor back to the bed room. It was almost as if history was repeating it self. Isaac didn’t want to leave after Taylor fell to sleep, but it was important for him to get Nikki. He softly kissed Taylor’s head as he whispered “Thank you for two beautiful girls” He slipped out of the room as he headed downstairs with everyone else as he said “I’m going to talk to Nikki.” Natalie felt uneasy as she watched him disappear through the door.

Nikki? Honey come on I need to show you something.” He called out as he walked into the kitchen, he heard a gun cocking as he turn to see her standing there with a .44 caliber in here hands “What do you need to show me?” she said calmly but Isaac could see the anger bubbling underneath, and with the gun in her hand it made him scared as he said “Taylor had twins, two girls, I’d like for you to come see them” Nikki scoffed as she rolled here eyes saying “Still living in that filthy little fantasy world are you?” Isaac shook his head as she added “You have lost your mind” Nikki giggled as she aimed the gun at him. “I will get you help and make sure Taylor gets it too if he even remotely believes he could have a child.”

Natalie looked at the clock she was getting worried even though technically he had only been gone 5 minutes Natalie got up and said “I’m sorry this is taking him too long” she hurried through the door to where she found Nikki with a gun pointed at Isaac she jumped and said “ Nikki STOP!” Nikki turn to the door as she said “Do you know what he’s been doing to Taylor?”

Yes I do, everything he told you about Taylor is true.” she said as Nikki lowered her gun as she said “Its not possible Natalie!” Natalie gave a sigh as she said “If you will come with us I will tell you everything and prove to you we’re not crazy.” Nikki agreed as Isaac took the gun from her. Once they crossed back to Monicera, Natalie sat down with Kate beside her and explain about Monicera as Isaac checked on the twins who were still sleeping and on Taylor who was also still sleeping. He crept over to the bed softly petting him as he gently kissed him as he lay by his side. He was only watching him breathing ans about to fall asleep when Natalie called him.

Nikki sat on the couch, she had been crying, she got up and walked over to him, slipping her arms around him she said though a strained voice “I’m sorry I never believed you” Isaac gently wiped her tears as he quietly took her hand leading her up the stairs to the nursery. Nikki gasped at the sight of the twins still sleeping as she said “Oh Isaac their beautiful”

Think of their mother.” he said as she smiled at him and said “Think of their father.”


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Chapter 28: Not What You Thought

The sullen soft cries from his nephew woke Taylor up, he lay in his bunk listening. Twice during the night there was two cries being given either by little Sheppard or the newest baby Monroe.  With the quick shushing and whispered he knew who was crying, Sheppard, and Zac was apparently having trouble sleeping or else he would have cried for another minute or two. Taylor pulled back the curtain to his bunk as he peered out in the narrow hall way, he was right it was Zac, he held little Sheppard as he climbed up from off the floor. The infant still fussed as he open the mini fridge door pulling out one of his bottles. Taylor climbed down  as he slipped past his sleeping family, as he head to the curtain that separated the bunks from the front sitting area of the bus. He jumped when he felt a hand clasp his shoulder, and pulled back the curtain.

“Ike! Don’t do that! Thanks for the heart attack” Taylor whispered harshly as Isaac snickered.
“Where are you going?” He whispered softly  as he lay there, his hand reached out petting him as Taylor smiled. “Just checking on Zac, Sheppard woke up and he got to him pretty quickly, I hope he’s not having issues sleeping.” He said catching Isaac’s hand as he kissed it. Isaac smiled back as he came in for a kiss as he said “Alright, just get some sleep baby”

Taylor smiled as he walked on in to the sitting area spying Zac and Sheppard on the couch, Sheppard sucking away greedily on his bottle. He had to be having issues sleeping his hair was still pulled back, he looked up at Taylor and said. “What are you doing up?”

“I just heard him and came to see what was wrong.” Taylor said as he sat down next to him.
“He didn’t wake you up did he?” Zac asked Taylor shook his head when he asked.
“Zac is everything OK?” The younger man looked up at him as he nodded.
“Somethings on your mind Zac, I can tell”
“Tay, What happened in that dream, How did you save Ike’s life when he had his rib removed?”

“Oh God, that scared the hell out me, I woke up in the dream, the hospital was completely empty, I couldn’t find a nurse or you guys or anyone. I walked through a door saw him on the operation table, they we yelling he was losing blood. It was dripping off his fingers.” He said as he voice began to crack half way through Zac said. “Tay stop, if it hurts you talk about it then don’t”

“Zac its OK, It’s getting better actually.” He said as he tried to remember what Natalie had told him about the dream.  Taylor continued. “Natalie explained that, the reason it came on so quickly was Ike needed me and the only way he could call me was through my subconscious, and when I closed by eyes it sent me there into that state and to the dream.”

“OK so how did it save his life?” Zac asked as he looked down at Sheppard who had finished his bottle and was almost asleep. Taylor sighed and said “When I was wandering around in the dream and went in to the room it was almost like the doctors and nurses alertness heightened, and when it heightened was when they saw the bleeding and caught it, while I saw him dying they stopped it”

“Wow that’s crazy.” Zac said as he looked down this time Sheppard was completely out.
“I though I was crazy when Natalie told me” Taylor said as he added  “OK, I’m going back to bed, you try to get sleep too, OK?” Zac nodded as the two got up, Zac putting the empty bottle in the sink as he followed Taylor to the bunks. With one more goodnight Taylor climbed in his bunk and watched Zac putting his son to bed, it was adorable sight as Zac gently kissed his head and lay him down. Taylor smiled as memories of Isaac doing the same to Dylan and Connor for years played in his mind as he drifted off.

Early mornings were his worst nightmare, he hated them with a passion Isaac climbed off his bunk as he wiped the sleep from his eyes as he was surprised by a kiss, a gentle finger lining his jaw from the right as he open the eyes. Taylor giggled as he pecked him on his chin, and hurried off to the front of the bus, Isaac just smiled shaking his head as he followed him grabbing him by his waist as he reached for the door. Nikki was just laying there trying to enjoy the quite, as she listen to her husband waking she peered out hearing the giggling. She watched again as Taylor  reached up kissing Isaac, she could hear their whispers but couldn’t make it out. ‘They can’t be in a relationship, Their brothers that’s wrong!’ She thought as she pulled the curtain back to as she felt tears stinging her eyes, her mind shot back to once when she was in high school  at two guys who to most, seemed like they were gay when they really weren’t, they were just that close they could share a kiss and know it didn’t mean anything.

Could that be it? Could that be what Isaac had really meant? But still it wasn’t right, She needed to talk to him about it when she could, at least talk to him before the kids got older. Nikki wiped here eyes as she calmed down and climbed out of her bunk. ‘I’ll deal with it for now, if that’s the case’ She thought as she pulled on a T shirt over her tank top. She stop to check on Monroe since she could hear Everette playing with Penny in the sitting area, he was still asleep. She step through the curtain, Zac was playing with Sheppard, she smiled listening to him laugh, sure enough Everette and Penny were playing with blocks in the floor while Ezra was trying to teach them how to spell.  And Natalie was feeding River some cereal as she talked to Kate. Isaac slipped up behind her giving a slight nip at her neck as she giggled as his whiskers tickled her neck. “Stop!” she said with a giggle as she turn and met him for a kiss. As they pulled away she caught a sparkle in his eyes that pretty much told her he and Taylor were just like the guys in high school, just that close.  Taylor smiled as he watched them it was amazing how well Nikki had taken things it just made things a lot easier although he felt almost like she didn’t know. He shook it off, Isaac told her, he was confidant in his partner as he watched them being romantic.

Nikki looked back in the mirror trying to clear the black ribbons from her eyes from the bleeding mascara, she had caught them again making out in the back of the bus. She had tried to remind herself they were just that close and had been for the past several months and it just wasn’t working or helping at all. Nikki would still find her self alone and crying, thankfully the tour was on its last few days and they would head home, giving her the chance to talk to Isaac. It was also going to be just in time to welcome the next family member for Taylor another boy. Nikki gave a heavy sigh as she put on her best smile and slipped out of the micro like bathroom, she dabbed at her eyes entering the sitting area of the bus.

“Hey are you OK?” Isaac asked slipping his arm around her shoulders as she sat down next to him, Nikki nodded as she dabbed again and said “Its gotta be some ones perfume or cologne…other than that I have no idea what else it could be.”  She sniffed and gave a groan as Everette pulled up on her jeans. “It could be mine” Taylor said as he looked at Nikki, she wanted the give him a look to express how she felt but she wasn’t going to do that. She only nodded resting her head on Isaac’s shoulder, as she closed here eyes trying to take her mind off of catching them making out again.  “I’m sorry Nikki” Taylor said sincerely, Nikki smiled as she nodded again. “It’s not your fault, I’ve been around it too much I suppose,  that can cause allergies even if you’ve never had them.” She said with a fake kind smile, she wanted to hate him, she wanted to hate him so much but really she couldn’t, she only closed her eyes as she rested.

‘My keys must have legs!’ Nikki thought as she hurried to find Isaac and borrow his her cell phone locked up in her car again the 9th time this year. She walk pass an open door and froze at the whimpers and moans escaping the room, as her curiosity got the best of her she peered inside a spare dressing room. On the couch her husband and her brother-in-law, both naked, Taylor gripping tightly to Isaac’s body as he writhed and shook beneath him. ‘NO! This isn’t real, This can’t be real’ her brain screamed as she continued to watch and her tears began to fall. It was, the more she wanted to deny it the more true it became.  She forgot about her cellphone as she began to run sobbing and ran out side to the bus, she dropped in the middle of the sitting area completely alone as she sobbed harder than ever. They would be home very soon she was talking to him no matter what, this would end if she had anything to do with it.

The boys were finally down asleep and it was perfect timing, Isaac was in the living room listening to the news as he checked on his messages on Nikki stood by the door way  as she asked him “Isaac What are you doing?” She was fighting the urge to cry as he looked at her confused asking as he took a drag on his cigar. “What are you talking about?”

“I’ve tried not to let this get to me, but when I saw you with him in the dressing room…Isaac you need help”  She said as she could feel her grip on her emotions letting go her voice beginning to thicken with emotion. Isaac got up from his chair as he stood in front of her still confused “Nikki, Baby what are you talking about give me more details, Right now you’re just confusing me!”

“YOU FUCKED HIM! YOU SICK BASTARD YOU FUCKED YOUR BROTHER!” She screamed as she finally began to sob. Isaac felt as he had been bitch slapped, as he looked at her, she had understood everything, she had listen to him, why was this coming out now after 2 years!? “Nikki, I talk to you about this, you listen to me you handled everything great…”
“YOU DIDN’T TELL ME SHIT!” She yelled  as she sank to the floor.
“BULLSHIT! I TOLD YOU EVERYTHING!” He fired back as he stood over her his anger wild as he grabbed his coat walking out the door.

Everyone was asleep as he dropped on the couch next to Natalie who was almost asleep herself, Taylor only chuckled as he lightly shook her. Her tiny frame making her look almost like she might be carrying  twins, but she wasn’t. He jumped at the banging on the door, and hurried to open it surprised by his love r on the other side. Isaac walked in with out even a ‘hello’ Isaac jumped to saying “She never listen to me, when I told her about us!”  Taylor watched as he paced and shutting the door.

“Ike whats going on?” He said as Natalie began to stir.
“Nikki! I told her about me and you two years ago and she didn’t listen to a fucking word!” He said as Taylor grabbed him by the arms getting his attention. “Calm down Ike!” He said trying to keep quite yet get point across. “How do I calm down!?” Isaac challenged him as Taylor’s grip got tighter as the two turn when Natalie spoke “Take a couple of days in Monicera” Natalie said as she got up,Taylor letting go of Isaac as he hurried over to help her. “No, Not with you due so soon” Taylor said as she rolled her eyes and said “Oh please, I still have a month Taylor.” she said deadpanned as Isaac chuckled. “I don’t want to risk it!” He started as she cut him off “You are going! He needs this and so do you as much as I’ve listen to you talk.” Isaac only snickered again as he slipped his arms around his pregnant sister-in-law. “OK, but you call me if anything happens right?” Taylor said as he gave in Natalie nodded, as she said softly “I told you about Joseph right?” The two looked at here shaking their heads as she sighed.

“I just found out about it this morning from your Mom. Joseph died, he and Walker had tried to have another baby but, Joseph miscarried and bleed to death, the doctors don’t know why.” “Natalie, when did he die?” Isaac asked in disbelief as Taylor became upset, Joseph had been like a father to them when ever they were in Monicera. He would check on them every couple of days, even at random come to pick up Dylan and Connor to give Isaac and Taylor a break. Natalie wiped her eyes as she said “This morning, a few hours before Diana called, She sent Avery and Mackenzie over to watch the kids, while Zoe went to a friends, she came and got me and we went to the funeral just after 10 o’clock here.”

“How’s Dad handling it?” Taylor asked.
“He’s taking it hard, He still hasn’t come home from Monicera last I heard from your mom a few hours ago.” Natalie said as she added “You two should go check on him. Just to be safe” Taylor gave a nod and gave her a hug as did Isaac the two stepped over to the back door. Isaac took Taylor’s hand as he recited the address to the house.

Cold rain, a soothing sound as it splashed on the roof top of the house, Isaac and Taylor still lay in bed after the night before. Walker had been OK to go home just a few days by Monicerian time to go home, with their mother keeping a close eye on him knowing a death of a mate could be fatal if not handled properly.  Taylor smiled giggling at the light nip on the back of his neck as he rolled over to meet Isaac, the deep mahogany eyes met his as Isaac pulled him closer. Taylor giggled  as he came in for a kiss, and asked “What if I told you, You might be a dad again?” Isaac met him for a long kiss, he pulled away he said “I would be completely beyond thrilled” Taylor laughed as Isaac’s hand snaked around his waist as he scooped him up carrying him to the living room. He lay him on the couch as he snuggled with him as they had done many times before. As the got comfortable Isaac asked “When do you go see Dr Winthrop?”  “This after noon, I’m so excited Ike.” he said with a laugh. “I know, I have to go check on something this afternoon too so if I’m not here when you get back, I will be as soon as possible.” Isaac chuckled as he kissed Taylor’s head, and gave him a smack on the butt, Taylor yelped as Isaac laughed saying “Go get a shower”

He knew Taylor would beat him back home, his little project still hadn’t been discovered but if Taylor was pregnant again he would have to show it to him. He walked through the door spying Taylor on the couch,  “Hey baby, what did you find out?” He said as he got closer he could sense Taylor was upset, But he still wanted to wait it out, he had pulled something similar when he got pregnant with Dylan, Taylor looked up the sad look in his eyes meant this time it wasn’t a joke as Taylor said “I’m not pregnant.” Isaac sighed as he sat down next to Taylor, he slipped his arm around his shoulders as he said “It’s OK Taylor, I don’t care how long it takes, you know that.” “Yeah I know, I had just really hoped…” His voice trailed off as he sighed, resting his head against Isaac’s shoulder, Isaac kissing his head as he pet him he said. “We’ll get there, We will, my child will be in your arms again, and everything will be as it should, like the day we fell in love.”

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Chapter 27: Love You to Death

Wow that sounded awesome, why had we not done this song before now?” Zac asked pretty much being a smart ass, his older brothers smiled.

OK what else do we wanna do?” Taylor asked when Zac spoke up “What about ‘Lucy’?”

NO!” Isaac snapped his anger setting shockingly fast “I can’t believe you would even…”

Ike, Chill out!” Taylor said “I can handle it OK?” he added

Tay No! The fans don’t know anything and you don’t need to be getting upset tonight.” Isaac stated as he picked up the strap from his guitar case.

You know as far as I’ve come, you’d think I can handle a song that has nothing to do with that.” Taylor fired back watching the dangerous expression on Isaac’s face as he shot and even more challenging look. Isaac was apparently getting the message as he said

You know lets just do a run through, cause if its going to bother you we won’t do it. But if it does we’ll change to ‘Thinking of You’”

Taylor nodded toying with the harmonica in his hand, Isaac counted them in as they started the song.

Though he listen and sang along, Taylor mostly tried to keep in time with the music, so far it wasn’t bothering him. He knew he would be OK, he mainly just wanted to prove it, as Zac finished the song, they sat there for a few minutes in silence as Isaac said “Are you sure you want to do this song?”

Absolutely, I mean its been a favorite with the fans for years.” He said Isaac sighed and nodded.

Just as long as you’re sure.” He said as he got up and caressed Taylor’s cheek. He only smiled as they heard the sound of a fake gag.

What are you 12 again?”Taylor said as they heard the doors open an saw their wives and kids enter.

Daddy!” Penny said as she ran as fast as her little feet could carry her. Taylor giggled as he pulled her up into his lap hugging her.

Taylor smiled as the two finally had a moment alone, without a single word, Isaac came in meeting for a deep kiss. As they kept their pace Taylor stopped to breathe as Isaac littered his neck as he pulled away Taylor’s shirt, as their eyes connected Taylor pulled away Isaac’s as they continued there relentless assault on each others lips as they both would stop occasionally for a quick breath.

Oh shoot.” Nikki said as she searched her purse for her keys.

Whats wrong?” Kate asked as she held little Everette who was fussing for a bottle.

I left his diaper bag out in the car and I can’t find my keys!” she said as she walked out of the room to find Isaac. She walked to the dressing room where she knew he was hiding. As she walk to the door not thinking of knocking she froze at the sight of her husband and brother-in-law both shirtless and making out, Taylor sitting up on a vanity his legs wrapped lazily around Isaac’s waist as he sits there panting.

Nikki quietly pulls the door too as she stand there with her hand over her mouth trying to recover from what she had just seen. She hurried back to where Kate and Natalie had been, when she return she spied her keys on Isaac’s chair.

You know I can’t believe I left these here after all this time?” she said with a slight laugh as she hurried out to the car she paused for a moment when she found her car trying to collect her thoughts. Her mind had gone back to a conversation Isaac had told her about something between he and Taylor. She had always known the two to be really close, had this what he had been trying to explain? ‘No’ she thought differing the mental image burned in to her head. She hadn’t seen anything, it was all in her head what she had just seen. She reached in grabbing the diaper bag checking for a bottle, she gave a smile finding a full one and head inside.

The second crowd had been a good size one just like the last, many devoted fans had come as they always had over the past several years. They had just finished up ‘A Minute Without You’ and were getting ready for ‘Lucy’ as Taylor smiled listening to Isaac’s memory of how he wrote Minute Without You. “Ike this is Lucy” the older man smiled as she shot a nervous look to him “Sorry” Isaac said as he counted them in Taylor playing the chords and Zac started.

He had been doing great until the final verse came in when his memories decided to be cruel to him.

He held tight to the fact he was surrounded by unsuspecting fans and he kept it together. He shook off the tears that wanted to fall as he quickly rebounded, the band decided to go into “Wheres the love” first verse and chorus acappella style and finish the rest of the song as it had been written. He was still wanting to fight his tears as he finished out the evening with his personal favorite song “I Will Come To You”

It had seemed that the few simple tinkling of the keys of the song Taylor felt a familiar comfort seem to wrap around him as he began to sing he let his emotions take over. He sighed happily at the end as he felt his spirits rise, as the band said good night exited I hit Isaac when they hadn’t done ‘Man From Milwaukee” He smiled as they walked back out, “We almost for got the song that the album was named for!” Zac said with a laugh as the fans around him joined in.

Zac went into his whole play about Mil-ay-wau-kay, the Algonquins, and the good land known as ‘Albertane’ Taylor was sure his sides weren’t the only ones hurting when the song finally started.

Zac picked fun at Isaac calling him out in the song as wacky. As he did his infamous ‘Mother bird and Baby bird ‘ megaphone conversation Taylor laughed, he had always loved that part not matter what. They finally stepped out of the room, and return shortly after they were sure the cameras were cut off to take pictures and sign autographs. He later dodged a bullet when a fan asked why he seemed so sad after playing Lucy “I had a very dear friend who past away a couple of years ago and that song made me think of her.”

Isaac had been scurrying around the small house pretty much since the crack of dawn, he was fixing the house up but his main key was the bed room. As he walked through the kitchen he realized a collection of papers were still on the bar, He quickly gathered them stowing them in the very back of the closet.

After making sure they were well hidden Isaac hurried to try to fix dinner, it was their 9th year anniversary. Isaac reached up rubbing his shoulder, it had been sore for the past few days but actually had been a bother for the past few months and was starting to concern him. He shook it off as he heard the door open, and smiled as he walked to the door.

“Hey beautiful, I was beginning to wonder about you” He said slipping his arms around Taylor’s waist his husband smiled as he met him for a kiss. “Yeah sorry, River didn’t want me to leave” Isaac chuckled as he slipped his arm around Taylor as they walked back into the kitchen. Taylor sat down at the bar enjoying the smell of dinner as he asked “Oh My God, that smells so good.”

Its your favorite!” Isaac smiled as he stole a kiss from Taylor

Oh! You know I love your cooking” He said as he got up walking around meeting him for another kiss, he stood at Isaac’s side, His arms around him with Isaac’s arm around his shoulders. Isaac kissed his head as he slipped other arm around him. He hissed letting go as he reached up to his shoulder, Taylor looked up at him worried as he asked “Is your shoulder still bothering you?” Isaac nodded as he walked up behind him and began to rub it. Isaac smiled as some of of his pain eased off, Taylor kissed his shoulder as he rested his head against it.

Isaac smiled as they stood in their bed room, dinner finished in and the kitchen left until in the morning. Taylor wrapped up in his arms, his head on Isaac’s chest, when looked up the two met for a kiss. He was dizzy and lighted as Isaac pulled away, He panted as he pulled Isaac back down for a series of kisses as Isaac backed him to the bed carefully laying him down. Taylor was lost in the passion as Isaac began to remove his shirt, the two locked eyes as the resumed kissing. Taylor pulled away his shirt, as Isaac kissed his way down Taylor’s chest and stomach. He stopped as he kissed his stomach again, he looked up, as Taylor said.

I want to give you another baby, we can’t right now but when we can slow things down, I promise I will.” Isaac smiled as he met Taylor for another kiss stripping the remainder of his clothing. Taylor decide to change things up as he found himself on top of Isaac kissing his way down as he had just done to him. Taylor teased him as he unbuttoned Isaac’s jeans with his teeth, then stripped them away with Isaac’s boxers. Taylor continued his kissing as he bit his lip at the end of his trail, a wicked grin sweeps across his lips as he begins to play, Isaac moans at the little surprise.

Holy.. Oh God Taylor!” He cries as he feels his release hit full tilt. Taylor giggles as he crawls up to him. Their make out session resumes as Isaac’s hand snakes beneath the waistband of Taylor’s boxers, he slipped them down just enough. Taylor yelped at where the older mans hand went and continued to tease him back for the special treat he had been given. Isaac sat up, slipping his arm around Taylor as he lean forward laying him on his back continued to tease as Taylor moan and cried at the rough fingers.

Isaac stripped Taylor of his jeans and clothing as he whimpered when the teasing stopped, his fingers delicately running up to Taylor’s knees as he parted them slipping between the slender thighs of the body beneath begging for him. Isaac looked into Taylor’s eyes as he saw the want and need deep within. Isaac smiled as he teased Taylor he whimpered and moaned at it, Isaac let go of a long deep moan as he finally entered. Taylor began to sob at the beautiful sensation coursing through his body as Isaac lean forward kissing his neck. He smiled as Taylor began crying his name as he picked up his pace , His pace became furious as he felt his release mounting again, Isaac gave a deep moan as he finally hit and collapsed against the 24 year old. They lay there together letting their hearts calm down. Taylor watched him as he slowly started to fall a sleep, for some reason he felt like this was a crucial moment for them. He didn’t know why a fear about Isaac was creeping over him, it was scaring him as he lay there looking down at Isaac letting his tears fall.

After finishing up their show in Dallas, Isaac’s arm was still hurting him and had seemed to get worse over the past 24 hours. Taylor was beginning to get that same fear from a few days ago in Monicera, Isaac was stretched out on the couch, his head in Nikki’s lap. He hissed as he said “I don’t know which is worse, my arm or my chest.”

This simple statement threw a red flag up at Kate as she croutched next to him as she asked. “Isaac does your chest feel heavy?” He winced at the pain not answering her question as she asked him another “Can you breathe Ike?” Isaac shook his head. She hurried up the their roadie Matt as she said “Find a hospital quick!”

Whats going on with him?” Nikki asked as a panic started to seep in to her.

That sounds dangerously similar to a heart attack, Natalie where is the aspirin?” Kate said watching a fear spread across the woman’s face, she took her hand trying to calm her as Natalie raced over with the bottle of aspirin and another of water. Kate looked back at Isaac who’s eyes were closed she began to lightly shake him to get him to take the Tylenol in her hand. He wasn’t responding, Without warning Kate grabbed him pulling him into the floor. “Zac Help me he’s not breathing!” She said as her husband raced to her side, Nikki got up sobbing as she ran to the back of the bus slamming into Taylor who sensed her fear.

Nikki, whats going on?”

Isaac’s not breathing, Kate thinks he’s having a heart attack”

Are we on away to a hospital?!” Nikki nodded as she sobbed against his chest, Taylor fought to keep his own tears from falling as he tried to comfort her. The bus came to a screeching halt out side the hospital as the two hurried to the front. Taylor watched Zac scoop Isaac up off the floor as he carried him out the door, as Natalie followed him.

Come on sweetheart, we need to get the kids.” Kate said as she rubbed Nikki’s back. The two started to wake up Ezra and Penny, Becca picked up River as Nikki picked up Everette, when she started to cry holding the infant who looked just like his father. Taylor calmed her down as he offered to take his nephew.

The four hurried inside with the kids in arms, Zac was on the phone to his parents when a doctor rushed over to talk to the family.

Has Isaac ever done any kind of drugs?”

No, he’s never done that, he lights up a clove or cigar once in a while but other than that no” Nikki said as the doctor rattled off another question.

Has he been on any kind of strong antibiotic of sorts?” Taylor’s ears perked up when as his mind flashed back to Isaac’s appendicitis years ago.

No” Nikki said when Taylor responded quickly

Yes, He got really sick a few years ago, they warned would cause blood clots later on, an infection got into his blood”

Amberfol, it can cause blood clots if given in large quantities.” the doctor said as he asked

Do you know how much he was given?” Taylor shook his head, he had been out of the room when it had been administered to him. The doctor nodded as he thanked him and hurried back into the room where Isaac had been taken, He turn to sit back down with Everette still sleeping in his arms.

Taylor what happen?” Nikki asked as her son now lay sleeping still in her arms, as she sat down in the chair next to him. He looked at her curious when it struck him what she meant, as he said.

The Infection?” Nikki nodded as she listen closely

His appendix ruptured several years ago, no one knew until I went to wake him up the next morning. When it ruptured it tore a small blood vessel but it didn’t make him bleed out which is what was so odd.” He said trying to remember.

He had only closed his eyes for a second when something woke him up scared, the waiting room was empty all but him. Taylor got up and stepped out side into the hallway, the nurses station was empty, He started to walk down the hallway calling out to Natalie, Kate, Nikki, Zac, His parents or siblings. It all just echoed on, He walked through a door and froze at the sight in front of him.

Dammit! He’s loosing too much blood!” the doctor snapped as Taylor watched him work feverishly on his soul mate, he felt his heart shattering piece by piece as blood began to drip off Isaac’s hand and fingers.

HE’S CRASHING!” A nurse shouted, Taylor felt tears sting his eyes as he sank into a corner he had backed into as he listen the monitor flat line.

Taylor woke up with a start as his chest heaved the room was full of his family and a few other people, He got up and hurried over to Natalie with little River still asleep, Kate had lay a blanket in the floor for Ezra as Penny slept in her arms.

Have you guys heard anything?” He asked as Natalie noticed the scared look in his eyes. Just as she started to respond, one of the nurses for his nightmare called their name. Everyone got up, and Becca scooped up Ezra as she hurried over.

Isaac made it through just fine, we had a slight issue with some bleeding but it was just a small issue and repaired quickly. He’s in a room and just beginning to come out from the anesthesia, if you would like to go back you can but only two at a time please.”

Taylor let out a sigh of relief as Natalie looked at him, she pulled him to the side as she asked.

What happen? Did you have a dream Isaac almost died?” Taylor only nodded as he said “Emphasis on Almost… he was losing too much blood” her jaw dropped as she said “Do you know that saved his life?”

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Chapter 26: I’ll Be

Of all the times he had seen him happy, this had to be the one time Isaac could almost consider his brother was high on a drug. The wedding had been beautiful, in a way it had kind of reminded Isaac of his and Taylor’s wedding nearly 10 years ago. He giggled as he watched Zac and his now wife Kate on the dance floor, his mind suddenly went into a race as he found Natalie.

Taylor smiled at his younger brother with his daughter on his hip, he laughed at Ezra cutting in to dance with Kate, when Natalie called him over. With his back turn Isaac hurried to Kate and Zac with his parents in tow

“Hey whats up baby?”

“Listen I just really don’t feel that great, do you care if we go home?”

“No, I’ll go get Ezra and we’ll head out.”

“Thank you, River’s just not wanting to settle down.” Taylor nodded, he knew during the wedding is still hiding son was giving his mother fits. He called out to the 3 year old who ran to his father at full speed. Taylor watched as Diana followed over and asked. “Are you guys leaving?” Taylor nodded as he said “Nat’s not feeling that great, the baby’s been really restless today” She nodded leaning over hugging the expecting mother, her fingers scratched her stomach and Natalie smiled. She hugged her grandchildren then her son.

It seemed almost as if on cue Zac and Kate were ready to leave, they headed to the small path that lead to Zac’s car. Everyone grabbed hand full of bird seed to throw as the couple ran out, Taylor smiled at Ezra with a huge double handful. He turned as he heard the cheers from friends and guest as Kate and Zac started down, he gave Ezra the go head just as the newly weds ran by. He smiled watching them drive away, with his son by his side the three headed inside to find Natalie and head home.

Natalie had gone upstairs to take a nap, Ezra was playing with Penny. There was a knock at the door as Taylor dropped his empty glass in the sink and hurried to the front door. Isaac and his sister Jessica met him from the other side.

“Hey guys!” He smiled as Isaac cut him off, and said “Jessie you got it from here?” The blonde nodded as the two stepped inside. Completely confused Taylor looked at them asking “Whats going on? What are you doing?” he asked as Isaac closed the door behind him taking Taylor’s hand. He placed his hand on the back of the solid door, reciting a familiar address. Isaac open the door entering a vestibule, he pulled Taylor behind him to a small room to the left. “Stay here a minute OK?” He said, Taylor nodded as Isaac quickly closed the door.

In all the swirling excitement, it took Taylor a minute to grasp where he was, He glanced over at the vanity his mom had fixed his hair and carefully added his crown of roses. He turned when he heard the soft click of the door behind him.

“Hey.” Natalie smiled she looked adorable in the light blue dress that just come past her knees. Isaac quickly followed “Nat, I love you honey but out for minute.” The 22 year old giggled as she slipped out of the room, Taylor shook he head as he asked.

“Ike, whats going on? What are you doing?”

Without warning, Isaac kissed him fully and drop down to his knees as he said. “We’ve started over, I almost feel as if our love is stronger than before, Taylor Marry Me, again.”

Taylor’s breath caught in his throat as he tried to speak “I.. I.. I have no ceremony clothes, you don’t either” Isaac got up and walked over to a small coat closet opening it to reveal two sets of ceremonial wedding clothes, incredibly similar to the ones he wore when they first married. Isaac walked back over taking Taylor’s hands as he said. “Everything’s been thought of, Taylor, Will You Marry Me?” Taylor giggled as he met him for a kiss as the two pulled away Taylor whispered “Yes”

Isaac cheered as he lifted the bride to be as Kate and Natalie watched and laughed at the door. The two promptly kicked Isaac out and began to scurry about dressing Taylor as Zac helped Isaac down the hall way. When there was a knock on the door, Natalie smiled as she stepped away Kate finishing adjusting the crown of roses against his head. He turned when he saw his father’s reflection in the mirror and asked “What are you doing here dad?”

“I came to do something I wanted to do the first time, to walk you down to Isaac.”

Walker said with a smile as his son stood, He stopped him for a minute as he slipped behind him and said “This was Joseph’s when we got married, he wanted you to wear it today.” The silver and diamond cross sat proudly against a small piece of bare skin in the shirt Taylor wore. Walker took his hand and lead him to the double doors that entered the cathedral sanctuary, as the soft piano music began to play Joseph and Jeremy who stood on the other side, then open

Isaac froze as he looked back at the younger man holding his father’s arm, he almost couldn’t breathe looking at him. Taylor felt the tears sting his eyes as they entered the sanctuary only lit by candles, the Moroccan blue color in the ribbons decorating the pews complimented the crystal like decorations that hung from them. At the end of the aisle stood Isaac and his sons, Dylan and Connor, Dylan on Isaac’s side as Connor would be on Taylor’s.

Isaac smiled as he took Taylor from Walker, His father kissed his cheek as he sat down next to his wife and husband. “You look so beautiful” Isaac whispered as Taylor blushed.

‘Times have changed, precious moments captured in memories, heartbreak to give us strength, for the two before us have come reclaim love as their religion. Born by blood as brothers, strengthen by marriage, cherished by children. They ask for your partaking into the joining in union as one, once again.”

“Clarke Isaac, in the first confession of love, You professed to love and honor Jordan Taylor with every breath and all your heart until your final days. Do you continue to honor this profession?”

Isaac smiled as he softly said “I Do”

The preacher turn to Taylor as he said “Jordan Taylor, in the first confession of love, You professed to love and honor Clarke Isaac with every breath and all your heart until your final days. Do you continue to honor this profession?”

Taylor smiled back as he said “I Do”

“Dylan please present your father with your mothers ring.” the 13 year old gave a nod as he handed over the ring, a silver braided design, Isaac smiled as his eyes locked again with Taylor’s as he repeated the vows he had written.

“To some it may be a simple design of a ring, but to us its a symbol of a cherished unbreakable love, with this ring I place on your hand I place my soul in your heart. And I place your heart into mine.”

Taylor felt the tears sting his eyes as Isaac slipped on his ring, He swallowed hard to keep him self together, as the preacher instructed Connor to give Taylor, Isaac’s ring. Taylor couldn’t hold back his tears as he said.

“Isaac, You have been with me through everything, welcoming two beautiful sons, losing a daughter…”Taylor’s voice trailed off as he broke down “After everything I’ve done, a ring is more than a simple piece of metal, or a devotion of love. This ring is my reminder that my best friend, my lover, my soul is right behind me there to take me in to his arms no mater what. And I’m sorry I never looked back to see you there.” Isaac reached up wiping away the tears, Taylor took his hand slipping on the ring of the same design as he repeated “With this ring of a cherished unbreakable love, I place on your hand, I place my soul in your heart, and I place your heart into mine” Taylor laughs slightly as he slips the ring on to Isaac’s hand, as the two lock eyes. The preacher cleared his throat trying to keep himself together, as he spoke.

“More than just vows and rings were traded here, hearts were bared, I don’t think you boys left a dry eye in the house.” the small group laughed as the preacher finished. “With love reinstated to the world, and a defiantly to each other, May the world feel the love you share, you may now kiss” Isaac held Taylor’s face as he meet him for a kiss as he smiled. With their family cheering Isaac kissed him again, the family then retreating to the reception.

Isaac smiled as he open the door, he watched as Taylor’s jaw dropped. “Oh my god, Isaac” He laughed slightly as he pulled Taylor in his arms kissing his head. Soft candle light accented the same Moroccan blue, and faux crystals that surrounded the tables and dance floor. Isaac lead Taylor inside as they were welcome by the DJ and the cheer from the family. Isaac continued to lead him to the dance floor as the song started, Isaac’s mind snapped to Paris when Isaac said ‘I love you’ the way the the fallen strands of hair had hung in Taylor’s eyes that had revealed a depth of love that carried the power of the one that surrounded them now.

The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful
Stop me and steal my breath
And emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky
Never revealing their depth

And tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love

I’ll be captivated, I’ll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above

And I’ll be your cryin’ shoulder
I’ll be love’s suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life

And rain falls angry on the tin roof
As we lie awake in my bed
You’re my survival, you’re my living proof
My love is alive and not dead

Isaac’s mind went to the day Taylor gave birth to Dylan his memory reminding him of the rain that fallen so heavy that day, lulling him to sleep next to the exhausted blonde who had never looked so beautiful in his life. Taylor lay his head on Isaac’s shoulder as he happily sighed, Isaac lightly kissed his head.

So tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I’ll be captivated, I’ll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above

And I’ll be your cryin’ shoulder
I’ll be love’s suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life

And I’ve dropped out, I’ve burned up
I fought my way back from the dead
I’ve tuned in, I’ve turned on
Remembered the things that you said

And I’ll be your your cryin’ shoulder
I’ll be love’s suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older
I’ll be the greatest fan of your-

I’ll be your cryin’ shoulder
I’ll be love’s suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life

The greatest fan of your life

“I love you” Taylor said as he looked into Isaac’s eyes, He only smiled meeting him for a kiss. The next song started as they exited the floor Jeremy lowering the volume of the stereo. Diana smiled as she held tried to hold back her tears, she reached out hugging Taylor as she said “ I’m so proud of you baby”

“Thank you momma” He said as he heard the camera shutter snap, he looked over at Joseph and smiled, He took Isaac’s hand pulling him into the next shot as he met him for a kiss. Isaac grinned as he said “I have a song I want to sing for you” Taylor quirked an eye brow as he watched his brother disappear in to a back room, returning with a guitar in hand, Jeremy quickly help him set up the mic and amp.

“When Taylor and I first started dating this song had just come out after we listen to it a few times, it mirrored our relationship, of where we didn’t want anyone to know about us and we didn’t care if anyone did. When ever it was just us, I would sing this for him with every ounce of my soul I had, and now that everyone knows. I think I should share this song for you, I love you Tay.”

When the fimilar chords started Taylor felt his heart jump, Isaac hadn’t sang this song since Connor was born he felt tears sing his eyes again as he listened.

And I’d give up forever to touch you
‘Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be
And I don’t want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
and sooner or later it’s over
I just don’t want to miss you tonight

And I don’t want the world to see me
‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
When everything’s made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies
Yeah, you bleed just to know you’re alive

And I don’t want the world to see me
‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
When everything’s made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And I don’t want the world to see me
‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
When everything’s made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And I don’t want the world to see me
‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
When everything’s made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

I just want you to know who I am

Taylor let his tears slip as Natalie smiled rubbing his back, as she said “That explains why that’s his ring tone when he calls you.” she giggled as Taylor rolled his eyes hugging her as Isaac came back to him, he met him for a kiss as Isaac wiped his tears away.

They were just beginning to leave the church, it was almost dusk as they headed to the house where Walker, Zac, Jeremy and Joseph had been months before repairing damages and airing the house out, they started past a graveyard when Taylor asked a surprising question. “Isaac where is Lucy buried?”

He had still not gone to her grave as he had said he would for years, Isaac turned his truck down a small road the rode past the graves. Half way down the path he stopped, and hurried over to Taylor’s side to help him out of the truck. Taylor’s heart started to break, holding tight to Isaac’s hand he lead him to her grave. Taylor dropped to his knees in front of the grannit statue of a little girl holding a teddy bear curled at her chest. An open book propped against her legs, the open book bare his daughter’s name and her birth and death date. They had only been precious hours but they would now be beautiful memories instead of painful ones.

Taylor removed his white rose crown, as he said. “You know Lucy, I would have given anything for you to have made it through that night and be here with me. But you couldn’t, its been a hard road for me to be able to finally come and see you, I’m sorry its taken so long. It really hurts Lucy…” Taylor’s voice trailed off as he started to sob Isaac crouched down next to him wrapping his arms around him, he was desperately fighting back his own tears, his voice ready to crack from his building heartache as he said. “Its OK Taylor, Its OK.”

Taylor took the crown of roses in his hands, placing it atop the little girls head of the statue as he said. “A crown for a true princess”

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